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May Butler 100th Birthday celebration

May Butler 100th Birthday celebration party at the Pepperpot Centre.

On Saturday May Butler celebrated her 100th birthday with her friends and family at the Pepperpot Centre in Ladbroke Grove.

The Centre was founded in 1981 to combat discrimination, isolation, depression and loneliness amongst the growing generation of Caribbean older people and more crucially to empower African and Caribbean older people to take charge of their own lives.  

The Centre open to all communities in the Royal Borough Kensington & Chelsea and neighbouring Borough’s.

May was born in Jamaica in the Parish of St Mary on 1st of February 1920, one of four siblings. May moved to Kingston in her 20’s where she trained as a hairdresser and met her husband Rudolph (Ruddy) Butler. In 1957 the happy couple immigrated to England and settled in West London. Life in the 50's was very challenging in England adapting to the weather and a different culture but May responded to the challenges with optimism and purpose.

Like many of her peers May found employment Lyons company and she spent the last 25 years of her working life with British Rail. In addition she is an active member in her local All Saints church in the heart of Ladbroke Grove

For the last 20 years May has been attending the Pepperpot Centre regularly, where she happily enjoyed her well-earned retirement amongst her many friends.

When asked what keeps you going she replied..."Always be Kind and appreciate life and keep smiling” 

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