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Visit to Royal Albert Hall

Updated: Jan 14, 2020

On Friday 29th November Pepperpot Centre members joined award-winning classical dance soloist, Bollywood choreographer-actor and musicologist Menaka PP Bora for an evening of conversation, dance and music in the Elgar Room at the Royal Albert Hall. As part of the evening Menaka was joined by legendary British television broadcaster Alan Yentob, the former Creative Director of BBC and editor/presenter of the acclaimed BBC One series Imagine, who took part in a conversation on ideas, inspiration and humanity in 21st century Britain with Menaka. Menaka’s debut performance in the Elgar Room included freshly choreographed pieces from classical and experimental South Asian dance and music, including the rare 16th century Indian classical Sattriya dance of Assam. She was also be joined by renowned guest musicians and musicologists Prof. John Baily and Sulaiman Haqpana for the live performance. The members thoroughly enjoyed the evening, for some of them this was the first time they had been to the Albert Hall.

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