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Members reviews

Some of our members have been members of the centre for a very long time and have been kind enough to give us their testimonies.


Max - Age 81

Member since 2011

“What I like about the Pepper Pot Centre is that it gives me a place to come and sit amongst friends. I have been coming here over 10 years and I have got to know the place and the people very well. My favourite thing at the Pepper Pot is the trip to the seaside. It is my best experience. The Pepper Pot Centre keeps me away from home. I cannot be in the house all the time.”

Norma - Age 84
Member since 2011

“I enjoy coming to the Pepper Pot Centre and I have been a member for many years. I really enjoy the drumming and music sessions because I love music and it makes me want to get up. I enjoy having meals with everyone and the staff here take very good care of me. It’s nice to have that support here.”

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Ernest - Age 65
Member since 2016

“What I enjoy about the centre is obviously the people that go there because we are all Caribbean. That helps a lot to have a safe space with other people just like you. We eat the same food but because we all come from different islands, we call it different names. It is nice to learn about other islands. The trips are always very good, but I really enjoy the cooking sessions on a Thursday afternoon. It keeps your mind busy and it is great to have things to do.”

Mrs Harry - Age 94
Founding Member

"The Pepper Pot is a place I would call home. I have many friends here and have had many amazing experiences here. I have enjoyed watching the centre grow to what it is today and I have made many wonderful memories here.”

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Reasons to join!

Make new friends

Do you sometimes feel lonely? It can be hard to make new friends but at the centre, there are people here looking for a friend like you. There are many people to meet with shared common interests.

A safe space

The centre is a warm and cosy secure building. When the members arrive, the space becomes alive.

Enjoy Life

There is a large variety of activities to try and participate in. Come down and have some fun!

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