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Technology classes

We have been successfully holding computer and iPad classes to enable our members to get in touch with the technology that is rapidly shaping our world today. 

With the implementation of our new IT system , our users can benefit from classes that will:

  • Enhance their learning and independence at their own pace

  • Provide the opportunity to be able to keep in contact with friends and relatives both here and abroad using social media such as FaceTime, Whatsapp etc.


The project enhances cognitive stimulation, improves the quality of life and the social participation of older people through the use of modern communication and social networking. It supports and encourages the elderly to be active citizens and enjoy independent lives.

“Harnessing the Energy, Skills and Enthusiasm of Pepper Pot’s Older People”

The iPad classes have proven to be extremely successful with our members being able to use them at ease and enjoy their time doing so. We have found that overtime our members become less intimidated about using technology and have found the process rather rewarding.


Friday from  11:30 to 12:30

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