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Recommedations from *Psychologists*. 


*1*. Isolate yourself from news about the virus. (Everything we need to know, we already know).


*2*. Don't look out for death toll. It's not a cricket match to know the latest score. Avoid that.


*3*. Don't look for additional information on the Internet, it would weaken your mental state. 


*4*.Avoid sending fatalistic messages. Some people don't have the same mental strength as you (Instead of helping, you could activate pathologies such as depression).


*5*. If possible, listen to music at home at a pleasant volume. Look for board games to entertain children, tell stories and future plans. 


*6*. Maintain discipline in the home by washing your hands, putting up a sign or alarm for everyone in the house.


*7*. Your positive mood will help protect your immune system, while negative thoughts have been shown to depress your immune system and make it weak against viruses.


*8*. Most importantly, firmly believe that this shall also pass and we will be safe.... !


*Stay positive...Stay safe.* 🙏🏻🌹

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